Supplements and Equipment

Grocery Store Sundries

Fish oil - reduces inflammation and preserves cell function - take 3 to 6g per day  
Green tea - antioxidant, anti-cancer, reduces blood glucose - take 500 to 1000mg EGCG - drink lots of brewed unsweetened or stevia sweetened green or black tea

Low Carb Foods

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Low Carb Food List and Atkins Recipes
Coconut oil
Unsweetened Coconut Milk
Chocolate (Sugar free)
Stevia (Bulk)
Bulk Source of Nuts 
Almond Flour
Bulletproof Coffee (with MCT and Ghee)

Medical Nutrition Companies 

Beyond a Century 
DPS Nutrition 
Solace Nutrition 


MCT Oil -  elevates blood ketones - take 10-30ml with meals - has no taste
MCT Oil 
Ubiquinol Products  - preserves neuronal function, enhances mitochondrial function - take 200 mg bid or tid
Creatine-AKG - increases ATP production - has a mild taste
Arginine-AKG - increases ATP production and nitric oxide production - has a mild taste
Bulk Arginine-AKG 

Research Chemicals 

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Sodium phenylbutyrate, Buphenyl
Pure DCA Site - triggers cancer cells death, aka apotosis; lowers blood glucose - has a salty taste - see DCA Site for dosage calculator (
Amazon (DCA)
R-ALA and ALCAR - mitochondrial antioxidant, reduces blood glucose, fatty acid transport - take 500 mg/day of ALA and/or 1000 mg/day ALCAR

Weighing Scales

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Electronic Scale (100 mg to 1000g)
Electronic Scale (1 mg to 20g)

Blood Monitoring Meters 

Private MD Labs
Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter