How Our Meal Plans Work

Ketotherapeutics provides you with two options:

Option #1- Weekly Meal Planning Subscription

Our meal planning subscription provides you a weekly menu and a grocery list to do the shopping.

Grab the List

Each week, we provide a fresh meal plan, delicious recipes, and a complete shopping list. Our plans will provide you three meals and one snack a day for the week. Plan provides you a nutrional breakdown of each meal.


Hit the Grocery Store

The shopping list outlines all the food you'll need for the whole week, leaving little to waste at the end, saving you money.


Cook, Eat, Enjoy

Using our convenient recipes, you make delicious, healthy food for every meal, all without having to worry about what, how, or when.


Option #2 - Weekly Pre-Made Ketogenic Meals

Our pre-made ketogenic meal subscription provides you a personal chef to cook your meals - either provide us with your own recipes or use our weekly meal planning subscription.


No Hassle, No Fuss, No Problems

Since money is time, you'll end up spending the same in money and time it would take to buy the ingredients and prepare the meals and snacks yourself.

You can have your meals delivered anyplace you'd like via U.S.P.O. priority mail. Meals will be prepared within three days of receiving payment and can be out Monday through Thursday except on holidays when the USPO or Ketotherapeutics' chefs don't operate.

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